One stop servicing for all vehicle air conditioning systems.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning systems have become almost taken for granted as an integral part of modern vehicles and anyone who's felt the benefit of them wouldn't be without such a system. However, unfortunately not so many people truly appreciate the importance of regular maintenance of these systems. An in car air conditioner may continue to function for many years before malfunctioning altogether, but even after as few as 2 years problems can occur as the result of failing to keep the unit in good working order. Not least the unit may be operating at a reduced capacity hence you would not be achieving the optimum temperature in the vehicle according to your needs. Most commonly refridgerant levels need to be carefully monitored and if they are not then the unit will not be functioning as it should do and, if left unchecked, could in fact deteriorate to the stage at which a bill of hundreds or thousands of pounds could be faced to repair it.

Using our state of the art equipment we can offer a complete diagnosis and maintenance service for you vehicle's air conditioning system. From recharging and disinfecting systems to diagnosing leaks and malfunctions, whatever the make and model we'll ensure your air conditioning


MB Service Centre Mansfield are fully certified under EC F gas regulations.


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