Mercedes Benz Services Mansfield

The current manufacturers of Mercedes Benz automobiles can trace their heritage back to the very first internal combustion powered vehicle, the Benz Patent Motorwagen invented by Karl Benz in 1886. Since then, Mercedes Benz cars have continuously upheld a reputation for quality, reliability and luxury, and have become a status symbol in many lands. MB Service Centre Mansfield are a specialist Mercedes Benz dealer who offer a full range of services to Mercedes Benz owners in Mansfield and the surrounding areas.
As is the case with all mechanical products, keeping any kind of car running at optimum performance requires regular maintenance and timely repair should faults arise. Given that the warranties on new Mercedes Benz cars are among the most comprehensive in the industry, sticking to the manufacturer recommended service and maintenance schedule for your new Mercedes is of great importance, both to guarantee long and trouble free service for you and also to increase the value of your car when you come to sell it. Mercedes Benz closed their main dealership in Mansfield in 2009, but since then MB Service Centre Mansfield have provided a full range of dealer services to local owners at competitive prices.
One of the services provided by MB Service Centre Mansfield is to take your Mercedes Benz for its MOT test. That is, rather than conducting the test in house, it will be taken to an independent testing station nearby. This means owners can have peace of mind that the dealer is not ‘inventing’ faults with the car to make work for themselves.
The cars we drive today are more complex and packed with more high tech features than could ever have been imagined even a few short years ago. To achieve this level of sophistication, manufacturing techniques have also become far more complex. The result is that there is very little the owner of a modern Mercedes Benz can do to maintain the car themselves. MB Service Centre Mansfield offers a full range of dealer services, from engine diagnostics and routine maintenance to air conditioning servicing and MOT preparation. The image of a car propped up on axle stands in a back street is no longer accurate when it comes to car maintenance. These days, the axle stands have been replaced by hydraulic ramps which can lift the car above your head, and the dirty back street has become a spotless workshop. Most significantly of all, you will never have to worry that your mechanic has failed to diagnose a problem correctly, leaving your car in an unsafe condition; MB Service Centre Mansfield has the latest computer diagnostic tools to ensure that every fault on your Mercedes Benz is detected and repaired.
When you enlist the services of MB Service Centre Mansfield, you are entrusting your Mercedes Benz to the most professional care available. We wont be beaten on price, and every car that passes through our workshop receives a complimentary wash. Because we care.

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