Mercedes Benz MOT's Blidworth

Your Mercedes-Benz is a joy to drive - smooth, powerful and precise in all it's movements. In order to keep it that way, from three years and beyond, you must book it's MOT each year. Having this carried out in the dealership where you purchased your car means you’re sure of an expert level of service, but the prices can be astronomical. That’s why lots of Mercedes-Benz owners in the Blidworth area decide to come to us. We have expertly trained technicians, and access to the official Mercedes diagnostic software, so you can be sure your car is in the best hands, but we offer much better value to Mercedes-Benz owners than main dealerships.
What Happens During My Mercedes-Benz MOT?
Your Mercedes-Benz will undergo a series of different tests and diagnostics during it's MOT. Each one will be identified as a pass or a fail, and you may also receive some advisory issues which our Mercedes technician will be happy to discuss with you in detail. This advice keeps your car safe and legally road-worthy, as well as allowing you to maintain the quality of the drive, which is one of the things Mercedes-Benz owners love so much about their cars. Aspects which are checked during a standard UK MOT test include the brakes, your lights, seatbelts, driving mirrors, your windscreen wipers, fuel system and your exhaust - all the elements which keep you and your vehicle safe while you’re driving. The test usually takes between 45- 60 minutes to complete, and all vehicle records can be accessed online, so you don’t usually now need to bring any documentation with you, apart from the service record, where you may want to record details of the pass or any replacement parts you have invested in. Many drivers also choose to combine their MOT with a service to ensure that their car is in tip-top condition.
How Do I Pass My Mercedes Benz MOT?
Although your MOT test looks at a number of things that you will not be able to check in advance, a surprising number of vehicles annually fail their MOT on very simple matters which are easily sorted out at home before bringing your car into the testing centre. So after booking your appointment, take some time to cover off the basics. This includes; making sure your screenwash is topped up, clearing out the car of any dirt and clutter and giving it a quick wipe down inside or removing any stickers or permits stuck inside the vehicle which might obstruct the driver’s view. If there are any dashboard warning lights appearing when you start the car, make sure that you understand what those mean and deal with those issues before arriving for your MOT test. There can also sometimes be issues with registration plates, so if you have added custom plates, do make sure they are fully legible, in the correct font and adhering to DVLA rules. Taking your car to a trusted Mercedes Benz garage in Blidworth for it’s MOT means that you can relax in the knowledge your car is in the best hands.

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