Mercedes Services Mansfield

In 2009, the Mercedes Benz dealership in Mansfield closed, leaving local Mercedes owners without a dedicated service and repair facility. MB Service Centre Mansfield stepped into the gap, offering a complete list of main dealer services at competitive prices.
MB Service Centre Mansfield are fully equipped to provide scheduled maintenance services to main dealer standard for all Mercedes-Benz pc vehicles. We employ two Highly trained technicians, one that is ex Mercedes Benz trained. 

We use Genuine Mercedes Parts or only OEM quality parts if customer so wishes and manufacturer recommended lubricants. Our services include free collection of your Mercedes from your home or place of work, and every car that comes through our workshop receives a complimentary wash.
Other services offered to drivers of Mercedes cars at our Mansfield workshop include a comprehensive diagnostic and repair solution, including work carried out under manufacturer warrantee. For decades, Mercedes Benz have been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to technology, both in the drivetrain and running gear aspects of the vehicle, and also the driving and comfort enhancement features inside the cabin. One of the most useful innovations is the on board computer system, which monitors the operation and performance of the car and will alert the driver instantly if a fault occurs. When hooked up to the dedicated Mercedes Benz diagnostic computer terminal at our workshop, your car can tell our mechanics exactly how the fault occurred and what is required to repair it. This takes the guesswork out of fault diagnosis, saving time for all concerned.
When it’s time for your car’s annual MOT test, MB Service Centre Mansfield can help. We operate an MOT chaperone service, to make keeping your car roadworthy as easy as possible. At our fully equipped workshop, we will perform a pre MOT check and let you know if any part of your car is likely to fail the test. We then take the vehicle to a respected local test centre for an independent and unbiased MOT test. If the car requires work to pass the test, it is your choice where the work should be undertaken. The above services are available to Mercedes owners from the Mansfield area requiring a class IV, V or VII MOT certificate.
Services offered by MB Service Centre Mansfield include the maintenance and repair of air conditioning systems on any Mercedes vehicle. While these days they are often taken for granted, air con systems can make the difference between a car being comfortable and unusable under extreme weather conditions. But because of the way they are built, these systems often gradually lose effectiveness or efficiency in case of a malfunction, rather than suddenly breaking down. That’s why regular maintenance for your air con is imperative. Every time MBSC Mansfield services a Mercedes, one of the things we check is the date the air conditioning was last disinfected and recharged, if it was recorded. If the system needs attention, we’ll let you know. Or if it has developed a leak or other malfunction, we can diagnose and repair these too.

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