Mercedes Benz Repairs Mansfield

MB Service Centre Mansfield Ltd offers a full range of repairs to owners of Mercedes Benz cars in Mansfield and the surrounding areas. With over 30 years of brand specific expertise, our mechanics will have you up and running again in the minimum time possible. Let’s take a look at some of the most common breakdowns drivers of modern cars experience, and how we can help you in each situation:
Flat Battery or Battery Fault
According to the AA, battery problems are the most common cause of breakdowns on Britain’s roads year after year. This is especially a problem at the beginning of winter, when the onset of cold weather highlights any battery faults which have developed, unnoticed, over the warmer months. If your Mercedes Benz comes to MBSC Mansfield for repairs, we will notice if your battery is underperforming and advise you to take action. And because we only use Mercedes Benz approved parts, if your battery needs to be replaced we wont send you away with a substandard alternative which will fail in a short period on time.
Tyre Damage
Quality tyres in good condition are essential to vehicle safety. MBSC Mansfield will only ever fit Mercedes Benz approved tyres, and can advise you if your current tyres need repairs or replacing.
Alternator Faults
Many features on a modern Mercedes Benz are powered by electricity from the battery. If the alternator on your car is not charging the battery, power will soon run low. MB Service Centre Mansfield can test your alternator in minutes, and effect any repairs necessary. Once again, if a replacement alternator is needed, only genuine Mercedes Benz parts will be used.
Ignition Problems
Ignition problems are a common fault due to wear and tear on parts such as spark plugs and high tension cables. Due to risk of electric shock, Mercedes Benz owners should not try to effect repairs to the ignition system themselves. MB Service Centre Mansfield have Mercedes Benz trained technician standing by to safely find the fault on your car and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.
Other Electrical or Electronic Problems
As noted above, modern cars sport a plethora of hi tech electronic features. One of the most useful is the car’s ability to recognize when a fault occurs and alert the driver or mechanic. MBSC Mansfield have access to specialist Mercedes Benz equipment which can communicate with your car’s electronic systems to determine exactly what repairs are needed.

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