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Your complete Mercedes-Benz service and repair centre. 


Here at MB Service Centre Mansfield, thanks to the expertise of our Mercedes-Benz trained technicians, we can offer the complete solution to all your vehicle maintenance and repair needs. All vehicle servicing is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's maintenance schedules and performed by Mercedes-Benz trained technicians. By adhering to these specific requirements and utilising only genuine Mercedes-Benz original parts, owners of vehicles still covered by the manufacturer's warranty can rest assured that their full warranty rights are being maintained. In addition to this we are also registered with Mercedes-Benz for use with their digital service records.

By keeping an extensive stock of service items for every model in the Mercedes-Benz range and using only approved Mobil lubricants, MB Service Centre Mansfield aims for total customer satisfaction when it comes to maintaining your vehicle, at labour rates over 50% cheaper than main dealerships.

Diagnosis & repairs.

Thanks to our 30 years plus of Mercedes-Benz passenger and commercial vehicle experience, extensive specialist diagnostic equipment and approved special tools, MB Service Centre Mansfield can handle all manner of diagnostic and repair work to keep your cherished three pointed star in top condition. From engine and transmission work, to complex electrical faults and component defects, MB Service Centre are equipped with the knowledge and understanding to diagnose and rectify any issue you may encounter with your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Rest assured once more, that all repairs are carried out using only 100% genuine Mercedes-Benz parts.


As part of our MOT service at MB Service Centre, all vehicles are subjected to a pre-inspection by our qualified class IV, V and VII tester before being presented to a local test station (Alan's Test Centre, Southwell Road West) for a totally unbiased test.

Air Conditioning

We can offer a complete diagnosis and maintenance service for you vehicle's air conditioning system thanks to our state of the art equipment. From recharging and disinfecting systems to diagnosing leaks and malfunctions.

MB Service Centre Mansfield are your one stop outlet for all your air conditioning requirements.  





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